Who Are The Zeitgeist?

This answer is easily revealed in their movie which begins by introducing a concept called the 'Nowness', and claims that by not trusting the "nowness" we are threatened by the now so we jump to the past or the future. What is experienced now possesses a lot of powerful things, so powerful we can't face it, and 'maybe' that's why we seek religion? This subtle attept of conditioning you not to look at the history which repeats itself, using it to explain your reason for seeking religion, or reading what the scriptures foretell of the last days & things to come, which is in contridiction to the rest of this movie.

The next narrator states Religios institutions are put there by the same people who gave you your governmenmt, corrupt education, set up our international banking cartel's. We have been mislead away from the true & divine presence of the universe, that men have called God, he doesn't know what God is, but he knows what it isn't, until you are prepared to look at the whole truth, wherever it may go, you're gonna find out, you're messing with divine justice. The more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from, the more obvious things become.

He's laying the blame of the events we see today, on religion, admitting his lack of knowledge of who God is, but wanting you to accept what he presents as truth so you won't mess with what he percieves as divine justice. What is presented in this movie does not provide answers to where things come from, but takes a few scriptures out of context, in an attempt to relate it to the constellations, so to erradicate it's credability.
They use clips of their favored commedian (Bill Hicks) to use humor to make religion appear as a silly idea. an invisible man who lives in the sky, a list of 10 things he does not want you to do, if you do any of them he has a special place where you burn choke & suffer forever, ~~~but he loves you~~~, and he needs money, he's all powerful, all perfect, all knowing and all wise, but he just can't handle money, religion takes in billions of dollars, pays no taxes, but always needs more.
It is easy to use comedy to make truth appear ignorent, when you have no facts to present, based on doctrines of various churches. For those who would like to understand what scriptures say about 10 Commandments, Death, Hell, or Love Of God. These video's will reveal the truth of what the scriptures teach, dispel the mis interpretation of the Zeitgeist, & doctrines of Greek mythology.

They introduce you to the sun, with respect and adoration of this object. By tracking the stars they recognize & anticipate events which occured over long periods of time. Relating the cross of zodiac, with the sun as it reflects the 12 major constilations over the course of a year also reflects the 4 seasons and the 2 eqinoxes. The sun with it's life giving and saving qualities, or personified as representing the creator or unseen god.
They attempt to compare pagan religions such as; Horus, Attis, Dionysus, Krishna, & Mithra to christianity. For example reviewing Horus, they compare the parallels of, Dec 25th birth, born of a virgin, 3 kings, baptized at 30, & having 12 disciples. Here are the facts they fail to mention, clearly showing they have not investigated truth as they claim.

    • Jesus was not born on Dec 25th, the date chosen for Christmas was not done so according to His birth, but in catholicism, to co mingle paganism with christianity, as was the decision to change the christian Sabbath of the 7th day to sunday, (which they also compare with Mithra), No one knows the exact date which Jesus was born, but all christians confess, it was not Dec 25th. Biblically it is within the 3 month period which the shepherds were in the field, the closest estimated date I have found is around April 7th, but would require your own research since there is no known agreement on the actual date.

    • Since Isis was married to Osiris before he was killed, how is it, that they would claim a virgin birth? Historically is reffered to as a miracle birth due to his father having died before his birth, Osiris was killed by his brother Seth in order to seize the throne. To protect his power, Seth tried to prevent Osiris from having any children. However, Isis hid her pregnancy from Seth and saved her child. I was born 7 months after my fathers death, not a miracle birth, born prematurely is not a miracle birth but would raise the question of the actual time of conception, hiding her pregnancy from Seth is not a miracle birth.


    • The scriptures do not mention 3 kings, it only speaks of 'wise men', it does not say how many of them there were, but only mentions 3 gifts, they presented to Him; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Matthew 2:1-23


    • Man did not know the concept of baptism until John The Baptist, There was no baptism during the time of Horus. The Jews were baptized in the sea, as God parted the waters in their exodus, however man was not aware of this principle until revealed in 1 Cor 10:1-2 Horus' Baptism under 'Claim 7'.
    • The supposed resurrection was not of Horus, but of another womans child while Isis was fleeing to hide her pregnancy with him. Isis, was shut up in a dwelling by Seth after he murdered Osiris, with the intention of forcing her to marry him, to assist him in legalizing his seizure of the kingdom. Isis, being pregnant by her husband, fleed with her unborn child, to bring him forth in secret. She went forth accompanied by the Seven Scorpion-goddesses, who brought her to the town of Per-Sui, on the edge of the Reed Swamps. She applied to a woman for a night's shelter, but the woman shut her door in her face. To punish her one of the Scorpion-goddesses forced her way into the woman's house, and stung her child to death. The grief of the woman was so bitter that Isis laid her hands on the child, and having uttered one of her most potent spells over him, the poison of the scorpion ran out of his body, and the child came to life again. The words of the spell are cut on the Stele, treasured by the Egyptians as an infallible remedy for scorpion stings. When the woman saw, her son had been brought back to life by Isis, she was filled with gratitude, as a mark of her repentance, she brought large quantities of things from her house as gifts for Isis.
    • There are no 12 desciples of Horus, only 4, there are groups trying to insert these doctrines in the ancient religion for the purpose of relating it to Jesus, but it is not in the historic records of this religion.
  • You can research this on google, a few links you can find on Horus are: Horus, Ancient Egypt Mythology of Horus, Horus - He Who Is Above,

    Jesus is to represents Aries the fish, saying that the people see the Jesus fish but little do they know what it actually means. Apparently they know very little, which they can learn from this 2 minute documentary by the Smithsonian, Origin of the Jesus Fish

    Back to their commedian, (Bill Hicks) where he claims to have asked a christian about dinosaur fossils, who replied, God put those here to test our faith. Dinosaurs and the Bible

    They state that they want to understand what is truth, the links I've posted in response to their claims, clearly show, they have not investigated the truth.
    They claim it was the political establishment who historized the Jesus figure, for social control. 325 ad in Rome empirer constintien convined the counsil of nisea, during which the politiaclly motivated christian doctrines were established, beginning the history of christian blood shed and fraud` where the vatican had a strangle hold on all the earth for 1600 years. A Lamp In The Dark is a stunning documentory which will reveal the true facts.


The key to knowing who they are is revealed when they say, It serves to detached the species from the natural world, likewise from each other, supports blind submission to authority, and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name of divine pursuit. A new conciousness is developing the earth as a single organiism, and realizes that an organizism in war with itself is doomed. The organiism is the justification of Darwinism, and is the belief of the 'World Leaders' which is why the roman numerals on the dollar bill under their trademark pyramid adds up to 1676, the year the first organiism was discovered. Microorganism, get the hint? To understand just how dangerous their idea's are watch The Dangers Of Evolution and Expelled No Inteligence Alowed.


The only accurate information this movie presents, is not of their studies, but are the clips of film they took from Jason Bermas' 'Loose Change', Alex Jones, and Mike Ruppert's films. I guess they believe that if you study those issues, then you are to assume their other ideas of religion would also be credible.