Welcome to the Prophecy Page, I have designed this site for the purpose of helping you to better understand prophecy, so that we may also be able to understand how it applies to current events as they unfold, for us to learn what is God's will for us, and what is expected of us as christians in these last days.
I have separated the links and information into sections to make it easier to find the specific information you may need. If you are a new christian, or if this is your first time, studying prophecy, I recommend starting with the 24 'Storacle Of Prophecy' lessons, I also encourage you not to take anything, on this site, or any other, or of any church or pastor, as fact, but to find truth, it is each of our responsabilities to 'try & prove' all things according to Scripture, searching Scripture daily for ourselves to see if those things are so. This is why I have also included a 'Bible Concordance', 'Bible Dictionay', as well as an 'Audio Bible' to assist in finding the answers which we all need.

Note: Audio Bible-2 Will only start with the NIV, you have to change it to KJV to hear the accurate translation, for those who have studied the corruption in the NIV there is a comparative link to show others the changes which distort the true interpretation.

'A Lamp In The Dark' is an exciting documentary that shows the intriguing history of the Bible. Through the Middle Ages, the popes and Inquisition forbade biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed. Learn the lives of men like John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale and others, who hazarded their lives to communicate the Bible in languages people could understand. With the Fall of Constantinople, ancient Greek manuscripts came into Europe, and with them, the clear streams of understanding that would bring about the Protestant Reformation. Rome launched a Counter Reformation with the intent of destroying the works of the Reformers. Is it possible that this ancient war on the Word of God continues to this day?

'Expelled: No Inteligance Allowed' Shows how academic freedom is being suppressed. Professors from around the United States are being fired from their jobs for promoting, or even exploring the possibility of, intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism. Ben Stein interviews the expelled academics and other supporters of intelligent design. He also interviews the scientists in the mainstream, who support Darwinism. Stein links Darwinism to Nazism, Communism, eugenics and abortion. Vintage clips of educational films and Hollywood movies are used to illustrate points in a satirical way.

This is one of the videos taken off the web, is the best I can do to replace it, after the window opens wait 5 seconds for commercial screen to close before playing. Also the interview about the movie.

Understanding Revelation & The Changing Of Scripture

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Many religous leaders believe that there will be a 'One World Government' in the last days, while it is true, that there have been many attempts throughout history for a 'One World Government' which have failed, it is amazing that America sleeps in the current attempts for a New World Order, denying it, even as the government, and world bankers continue to openly admit thier plans in moving toward Global Control. Prophecy makes it clear in Daniel 2:43 this goal will not be successful. Revelation 13:15 speaks of 'worship' which is One World Religion', not 'Government'. These videos are key to understanding the works in their attempts, in current events, and how the technology will be used to enforce the 'One World Religion' to wake up many who are sleeping, and the battle going on now between good and evil. Alex Jones' talk show is the only known media I have found, who gives the confirmed facts behind the scenes, that reveal who is behind the economic crises and the plagues which will follow.

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There is a new movement to be aware of, with a dangerous doctrine, not a new one, but just under a new name called The Zeitgeist. You may want to ask Who Are The Zeitgeist?, which I expose on this page.

This page is still new, much more information to be added. Be sure to keep checking back, to see what's new. Any questions or comments, you can mail here.