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Welcome to the Bible Study Page, I have designed this site for the purpose of helping you to better understand Scripture, for us to learn what is God's will for us, and what is expected of us as christians.
I have separated the links and information into sections to make it easier to find the specific information you may need. If you are a new christian, or if this is your first time, studying Scripture, I recommend starting with the 24 'Storacle Of Prophecy' lessons, I also encourage you not to take anything, on this site, or any other, or of any church or pastor, as fact, but to find truth, it is each of our responsabilities to 'try & prove' all things according to Scripture, searching Scripture daily for ourselves to see if those things are so. This is why I have also included a 'Bible Concordance', a 'Bible Dictionay', as well as an 'Audio Bible' to assist in finding the answers which we all need. Once again Google Chrome performed another downgrade, rendering the browser as non-viable. OGHS84 sites are again, among those who no longer support Chrome's browser, as the radio and videos are not accessible. Google has removed the setting options to correct their recent defects. I have better browsers with instructions on the new Dump Google Browsers website, on how to make these browsers work on most websites.
I can recommend trying Slimjet Browser, faster, stable and works on all OGHS84 website's after correction described on the Dump Google Browsers page.

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As worship leader of a protestant church, I was asked to participate in a 'Spiritual Poetry Class'. My first assignement was to write about a dead man, what he can see, hear, feel, taste, or think. The Pastor knew I am SDA, knowing the degree in which not only my denomination, but I myself have turned aside from traditional church teachings, to study according to scriptures, & I was aware of his beliefs. I couldn't write something false or mis-leading, so I told the Pastor, if I write something of doctrinal conflict, it would be based soley on scripture. He said that I can write it according to scripture, therefore the following week I submitted this poem.The Dead Man

There is a new movement to be aware of, with a dangerous doctrine, not a new one, but just under a new name called The Zeitgeist. You may want to ask Who Are The Zeitgeist?, which I expose on this page.

This page is still being developed, more information to be added. Be sure to keep checking back, to see what's new. Any questions or comments, send your email here.

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