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I no longer encourage Angelfire due to issues with paid sites, which they collected payments for nearly a year while the websites were not actually online, no response to complaints filed to customer support, phone calls not being answered. Eventually reported to Paypal who also attempted to get some response after which they refunded me for the month I had filed the complaint in. Angelfire/Lycos finally sent an email complaining about my refund with threats to close my account if I did not make the payment, stressing that they would no longer accept payments through Paypal. It took a few more months of battling with them to get my domains transferred to Inmotion Hosting, I finally had to go through Tucows to get them to release my Domain for transfer. They may be alright for free domains, however if you plan on larger websites that require payment plans or you need a domain with Customer Support, I have added a link for Inmotion Hosting who I was finally able to transfer my sites too and actually got them back online, they have fast reliable customer support.

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